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Moose (Scientific name, Monsterous Cardestroyerous) Congratulations on a successful hunt guys! We happend to bump into this happy crew as we left a Republican breakfast at the Town & Country in Shelburne, NH. They were on their way to the Twin Mountain Fish & Game to weigh it in. Those of us who drive on north country roads sure appreciate their effort as a moose on a trailer and feeding a family for the winter is a lot better than one coming crashing through your windshield! You can e-mail two of the hunters to congratulate them at: And a comment from Derek: Looks great, nice web page!! That moose weighed 840 lbs and had a 52 inch spread. And from Mike: Yes, I'm the guy in the red chamois on the right. Sure, go ahead and make a link if you get a chance. Here are a couple of closeups of the feet so you can see what makes the big tracks you see in the woods. These two are from pictures in the Village Gun Store in Whitefield, NH. You can e-mail if you want more info. Tell him you found him via edsanders.com please!

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