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Amsoil Info: - This is brought to you by AMSOIL Direct Jobber Ed Sanders. Click here to find out how you can improve fuel economy and power while reducing temps. Make your motorhome last longer too.

More part numbers and tech info on the Grumman

Our Grumman/International Motorhome chassis info - Has many mechanical details that may be of help if you have and International 1310.

Pictures and info on our Grumman Motorhome

Other Grumman Motorhomes


My experiences with Amsoil in my own engines - Since 1976

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International IH Parts - International Harvester, Navistar

Maybe we can start an informal Grumman Motorhome club here, no dues or anything, just pics of our motorhomes, info on parts, maintenance, what we're doing to customize them, etc. Just zap me your e-mail address, info and/or pics and I'll post them here. Perhaps eventually we can have a Grumman or vintage motorhomes cruise or participate in some parades somewhere.

Here's another Grumman, this one a 1971 owned by Gary Hillard.

Dear Ed,

First of all, thank you very much for being a point of light in a sea
of great darkness! I bought a 1971 Grumman last month, and could find
no one, anywhere, who had ever heard of the brand in motorhomes. Your
page was informative and entertaining, as well as proof that others of
this breed existed.

I am currently replacing all the hoses and belts, wheel bearings, and
other prone to wear pieces. Next comes new tires, then a remake on
the inside. This thing may largely be a year round home for me for a
while, and I am installing a woodstove, and good bedding, as well as
an oak floor and some other earth bound comforts. I would be
delighted with ideas, thoughts or resources in this process, and would
appreciate any help you might offer.

I am also interested in your Synthetic oil. I have used Golden
Spectro in all my bikes, and currently run the 10/40 GS in the tranny
of my honda civic. This has been great stuff. Tell me a bit about
Amzoil, and where it might be of use in a 71 Grumman on an
International chassis. I live in Brookfield, Vermont, and New
Hampshire is right next door.

Thanks again for your great page (I am also a school teacher, and
enjoyed your thoughts on education), and any further help you might

Thank you for your kind and informative reply on my Grumman questions. The poor thing currently sits in the yard of a local mechanic, who seems to put the transportation needs of working folks ahead of tinkering with summer fantasies. I'm giving him another week or so, and will then look for a good shop that likes to work on Internationals. Any ideas? the other motor home question is about tires. I am loading this thing down with an oak floor, a wood stove, and a VMax hung on the back. I suspect this makes an already heavy rig even heavier. What to I buy for tires for this thing? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have attached a JPEG of Grey Dog.

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E-Mail: edsanders@edsanders.com
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