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This section of edsanders.com is dedicated to Frank, a poor long-suffering fellow from southern New Hampshire and all other poor blokes in the same position. Frank, here are some ideas for your fence! Take THAT, Mr. Building Inspector! Frank, you know who you are! Now enjoy!
How's this for a fence? These pictures were taken on route 116 in Bethelehem, NH between Littleton and Whitefield. Can you imagine sneaking out in the dead of night and adding this to your fence? (The waving people, not the gas station sign). Can you imagine the look on your pesky neighbor's face upon getting up in the morning and looking out the window?

Another fence adornment.

If all else fails...

I guess the artist is a Morrow? I've heard he will do figures like these for people. He wasn't home when I stopped by to take these pictures. I'll try to contact him to learn more.
Lancaster is a great place to live... except for one problem... Dogs, and more to the point, inconsiderate dog owners who let them bark all the time and crap all over the place. This well arranged pile was in front of the Weeks Memorial Library lurking for an unsuspecting pedestrian or child playing there. Great way to spread diseases such as worms, etc.
Have ideas for quiet revenge on pesky neighbors? Pictures? Send them to me so they can be shared with the world!

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E-Mail: edsanders@edsanders.com
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