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Get your "Phonics Rules!" Tee shirts here!

Ordering PHONICS RULES Tee Shirts

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Sorry, I just don't have time to make T-shirts at the moment.

Maybe after I "retire" I'll offer them again.

I now offer T-shirts with the phonics rules on the front and back with "PHONICS RULES!" in big letters just to tweak the educators who are anti - phonics wherever you wear it.

Just wear the shirts, hang them up or lay them on the desk for reference when you're teaching anyone how to read.

They all have the address for my web site on them if you want more in depth information, reading material, or where to send other folks when they ask.

These rules go beyond what I've been able to find anywhere else. I have a large book collection from the 1800s and found the best phonics rules were taught between 1830 and 1860. Things went down hill from there on.

I scanned in the rules pages from some of the best books, then spent several days going through the images repairing them pixel by pixel.

Now you can take advantage of years of collecting and research plus a lot of sweat at the computer.

Here are some pictures of the front and back of one of them.


They are all printed on Hanes high quality Beefy Tees. Hanes recommends turning them inside out for washing. At the moment the only size I have available is extra large.


We found the other phonics programs just gather dust when you're done with them. You can wear this one! You've gotta wear something, it might as well be useful. The basic rules are on 2 shirts for $14.95 each.

That's just $29.90 total for the two if you want both.

Please add $3.95 for shipping and handling.

This includes the elements and substitute letter rules on one shirt, silent letter rules on another.

Ordering PHONICS RULES Tee Shirts

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E-Mail: edsanders@edsanders.com
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