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I finally found a cheap way to add telephoto capabilities to my Casio QV-11. I got an 8X21 Simmons RealTree monocular model 24104. You can find it at most gun shops or Wal Mart. Just hold it up to the lense. I'll be welding up a bracket when I get to it. I have ordered a 6X and a 12X from our local gun shop. They are about 15 bucks each.

Here's a shot without the monocular:


Here's the same a second later with the 8X 21 Field 7.1 Simmons REALTREE Model 24104 monocular:


This is a pic of the monocular and case with a ruler to show the size.


I just added a pile of pics taken with the cheap telephoto in the My Commute section of my web site.

Looking for something really neat to do with your digital camera? Get a kalidoscope and hold the lense up to it. You can click here to see some kalidoscope pictures taken with my Casio QV-11.

Read this if your QV-11 is a battery eater or works intermittently. Could be a poor connection between the control board and the main board causing it with increased resistance. They used ribbin connectors to join all the other boards, but they used a hard plastic connector to join the main and control/power boards.

Mine had always intermittently failed to work, you had to push down hard on the top of the camera to get it to work sometimes. Finally after dropping several times it stopped working entirely. I took the thing apart and used a volt and ohm meter to troubleshoot it. Couldn't find anything wrong, but when I ran power directly to the main board the LCD screen came on. When I jumpered the connections to trip the "shutter" it worked.

Now I knew the problem was either in the power/control board or the connection between it and the main board. I grabbed the hard white plastic 90 degree connector on the main board to wiggle it. The thing easily came off in my hand! You could see the solder joints on all 20 some odd connections were all cold solder joints.

I went and got a 35 watt pencil tipped soldering iron and some very fine rosin cored solder. As it turned out I didn't need the solder. Just held the connector in place and quickly touched each connection with the soldering iron tip. In less than 30 seconds it was fixed. Re-assembled the camer, it's been fine for the last couple of months.

Off Site Links

This from the rec.photo.digital News Group.

The Digital Photography Exhibit on the World Wide Web is now accepting entries for the 1998 show. This year the exhibitÕs theme is: "LAND-ESCAPES." The deadline for receipt of entries is February 1, 1998.

Sponsored by Bradley University and the Peoria Art Guild, the Exhibit is made possible in part by grants from Adobe Systems Inc., and HP DesignJet Printers.

Artists' awards: First Prize: $1,000. Second Prize: $500. Third Prize: $250. Five Honorable Mention Awards: $100 each. Prizes will be determined by the juror, photographer and multimedia artist Pedro Meyer.

The Digital Photography Exhibits have been more than 600,000 times since the first exhibit in 1994. The exhibits are available for viewing at http://www.bradley.edu/exhibit/

The 1998 prospectus is at http://gcc.bradley.edu/exhibit/97/prospectus.html

Entries will be accepted on disk or by FTP.

For an email text version of the prospectus and entry form, send a request to howard@bradley.bradley.edu

To obtain the printed prospectus, send a SASE to Digital Photography '98, Global Communications Center, Bradley University, Peoria, IL 61625, U.S.A.

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