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Some environmentalist groups are lobbying to change the White Mountain National Forets to the White Mountain National Park, which would end all logging in the park. Would you like a preview of the results of such a change?

Drive north on the Parkway in Franconia Notch and exit at the Basin parking area in the Francinia Notch State Park. Park in the upper parking lot. Now get out and walk straight up into the woods away from the road for a half a mile or so until you come to an old logging road. Pay attention to your surroundings. All you will see is huge trees and dying huge trees with small trees that grow for about 5 years then die out. Look for signs of animals such as tracks, piles of crap, trails, etc. Listen for birds.

Don't be surprised if you hear or see no signs of birds or animals. This area hasn't been logged in at least 60 years. There is nothing for animals or birds to eat. All you will find is a desert of trees.

Do you want to see an area loaded with tracks, trails, crap piles and other signs of animals? In the summer so loaded with songbirds that the sound of them drowns out that of the frogs? There are several places like this just a few miles north along route 3. These are areas that have been logged over in the last few years, both in the White Mountain National Forest and on private land.

You will find after a logging operation, the forest goes through a natural transition for the next 20 to 50 years that provides an animal cafeteria for the birds and animals. Even reptiles get in on the food bonanza.

Blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, and other lesser known berry bushes pop up to feed birds, bears and even coyotes at times. Grasses and saplings flourish for deer amd moose to feast on.

If the environmentalists, these latter day druids, have their way the entire White Mountain National Forest will be turned into a desert of trees as is the Franconia Notch State Park in many areas. The Sierra Club, one of the lobbyists in promoting this madness shows its ignorance in one of their anti logging TV commercials. They promote the idea one shouldn't log as all trees are homes for animals. Anyone who knows anything about animals and the woods knows that very few animals live in trees and very few trees house animals.

The Environmentalist druids would sacrifice the animals of the forest upon their altar of ignorance just to be able to hug the oversized and dying trees they worship. They play upon the fact that most of our population has been urbanized and suburbanized, out of touch with nature and the truth and now easily bamboozled by TV commercials and print advertising.

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