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Where is a person safer, at war in Iraq, or right here in the USA in college? The daily media reports of service members and contracters killed in Iraq would lead you to believe it's a very risky place to be... But is it really? Everything is relative. Here are the numbers as reported by Fox news: The number of alcohol-related motor vehicle crash deaths among 18-24 years olds during 1998 is 3,674; 31 percent of this figure is 1,138.

Similarly applying the 31 percent factor to the 991 alcohol-related, non-traffic deaths among 18- to 24-year-olds in 1998 results in an additional 307 deaths.
Fox News is making the point that the number of college students croaking via alcohol may not be as great as some say.

Still, it looks like you're far safer in Iraq that driving around here.

College Drinking Study Is Intoxicating Scam

The Hidden Consequences of College Drinking

Suicide on Campus



Learn how to save about 10% on your gas bill.

Link to Amsoil Section of edsanders.com

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