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Amsoil Info: - This is brought to you by AMSOIL Direct Jobber Ed Sanders. Get only the best for your car! AMSOIL!. You're going to need it to make it through this road trip!

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Now that your road-tripping skills have been honed a little, I'm going to send you on a real test of your and your vehical's abilities. A road-trip through every notch in northern New Hampshire, and maybe I'll even throw in one in Maine. I've been through every one of these myself several times, a couple of them, hundreds. I wonder if they can all be done in a day? I know it can be done in two.

If you purchase AMSOIL through me for your car for the engine and transmission and filters, or if you become an AMSOIL dealer in our group, I'll give you two AMSOIL logo stickers for your the vehicle, and I'll help you put them on. Then you take off on your road trip. If you make it through all the notches in no more than two days I'll throw in an AMSOIL hat and t-shirt. You must show proof of making it through them all, such as pictures or receipts for junk food, gas, restaurants, souvenirs, etc. This must be coordinated ahead of time via e-mail. If enough people are interested, maybe I'll even lead a tour through them all with the Grumman Road Tripper or the Camouflage V-Dubber.

The list of Notches:

Directions coming soon, watch for them!

If this works well, maybe we'll next do all the covered bridges, drivable roads to mountaintops, and Vermont versions of the same, etc.

Road-Trip Index

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E-Mail: edsanders@edsanders.com
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