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An Interesting Scenario!

The unmarked government van slows and stops. The agent inside puts down his coffee and starts in on the day's work: monitoring John Doe's computer, 10 blocks away. John is busy working on his Mac with the curtains pulled against the morning sunlight. The agent watches with great interest as John reads through the cryptography and privacy newsgroups, then downloads some fiction from alt.sex.stories.

Everything that flashes by on John's monitor is videotaped for later review: the balance and payees of John's checking account, some decrypted e-mail that John assumed was private and an illegal copy of Adobe Photoshop.

Is this scenario making you take stock of what appears on your computer screen? We all indulge in vices large and small, mentally shrugging, "Who will ever know?"
For the rest of this fascinating, startling story, follow this link.
On thing on some sites about Tempest is BS though: Transient Electromagnetic Pulse Emanation Surveillance Technology, TEMPEST doesn't stand for any conglomeration of words. The powers that be had to call it something, so they called it TEMPEST.

Maybe one of the folks at the good ol' NSA owned a Tempest car, maybe they were thinking of "a tempest in a teapot", who knows, and who cares!

Some History:

The Tempest "cat has been out of the bag" for several years. Seems a few years ago an enterprising Scandanavian news team whipped up some of their own Tempest gear and did a TV show on the results. Immediately following a British news crew did the same, then crossed the pond, plunked the thing in a van and headed for Wall Street. They had a ball filming what was showing up on computer screens for their expose'.  

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It seems that a lot of the links below are no longer working. Actually, since 9-11 I'm amazed how many are still good.



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excellent info on Tempest, except he says it's an acronym for something, which it's not Maybe being updated?

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Want to buy some eavesdropping equipment? Being updated?

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Excellent Tempest info here and some ways to protect yourself... Link no good.

Cryptx Coming soon?

Another good info site... Link no good.

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SOURCES Your Independent Guide to Government, Business and Geopolitical Intelligence

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TEMPEST in a teapot - the original story... I think

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COMMtronics Engineering, and the World Scanner Report

COMMtronics Engineering, and the World Scanner Report. - Another site.

Another source of Datascan neat graphics! Scary!

Eavesdropping On the Electromagnetic Emanations of Digital Equipment, more on laws

Wang Government Services Products


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