Goodrich's Sugarhouse

Goodrich's Sugarhouse, Rt. 2 Box 2932, Cabot VT 05647 1-800-639-1854 (24 hrs), Catalog, Ship worldwide, Open Mon-Sat Mar-Dec. Please mention Ed Sanders sent you!

Glenn operates a state-of-the art stainless steel monster of a sugar arch. It has a maze of pre-heaters that take advantage of the waste heat from the steam as it rises. Some of the steam condenses on the pre-heaters, and is collected. Glenn markets that as well as a complete line of maple sugar products. He has continued the tradion of sugaring that has been in his family for many generations on the same sugarbush. The previous generation was so busy farming they were unable to keep up with the sugaring. Glenn had to cultivate the sugarbush, cutting out a lot of underbrush and cull trees, as well as building a new sugarhouse and equipping it. Glenn and I never met until the late 70's as we grew up in different areas of the state. We discovered later via my grandmother that she and my grandfather had attended the same Grange as Glenn's grandparents. Small world!

Copyright 1996 by Ed Sanders.